Stopping Along The Way

During our times of fellowship we often will talk about making sure we stay on the right track as we journey toward the destinations God has in store for us. However, living in our fast paced world tends to make us want to reach our destinations as quickly as possible. Hurry, hurry, hurry, so we can get everything done! Or so we are led to believe. Unfortunately, many times we blow past the “stops” along the way that very well may be opportunities the Lord would want us to take advantage of. As a result, people don’t get to see the Savior because we simply don’t want to take the time to stop.

As Jesus traveled His journey in life, which ultimately led to the cross, He made many “stops” along the way. He took time with others so they could learn that He could make a difference in their lives. From the woman at the well to the man who was born blind, from a tax collector to a woman with an infirmity, from a Roman Centurion to a group of little children…all of the many stops Jesus made were very important to Him.

God has many stops along the journey for us to make too. He wants us to stop and take time with others in the church and be involved in each other’s lives. He wants us to stop and use the spiritual gifts, which He has given to all of us, in loving service to one another. He wants us to stop and fill up our spiritual gas tanks by taking time with Him in the Word so we can maintain our spiritual energy, efficiency, and enthusiasm. He wants us to stop and gather together as the Family of God to celebrate our faith, and give praise and thanks to Him.  He wants us to stop and help others along the way, by reaching out with the love of Christ in the things we do. And He wants us to stop and build relationships with others, so He can build a bridge to bring them to Himself. So you see, our journey is not one that is made by traveling in the express lane. We have to make stops. It’s the only way others can get a ride to the final destination too!